Symposium Proposal Submission

Symposium Proposal Submission

Symposium Proposal Submission is Now Closed

*Notifications to symposium proposal submitters – February 2022.


All symposium proposals must be submitted through the congress website. Proposals submitted by email will not be considered.

Proposals must be received by the announced deadline. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.

Accepted symposia are part of the scientific program and may not contain commercial promotional content. If you would like to organize a symposium that does not fulfil these requirements, do not submit your proposal here. Instead, please enquire if your proposed symposium can be accommodated as “Satellite event” in one of the lunch breaks. For more information click here.

Submission format:

  • Title of Symposium: 150 characters limit.
  • Short description of the symposium (max. 1,500 characters). Please clearly state the purpose of the symposium and make sure to include a brief description of state-of-the-art, if relevant, lacks/deficiencies in the field, and why this symposium is timely and relevant.
  • Proposer of the proposal (full name, title, and affiliation). Before submitting the proposal, the proposer should ensure that all proposed chairs and speakers have agreed to present as suggested, should the symposium be accepted.
  • Chair/s (full name, title, and affiliation).
  • Speakers (full name, title, and affiliation of presenters, and tentative title of presentations). The standard format is four 15-min presentations plus separate or combined Q&A session(s). Other formats, e.g. round table discussions, are possible (please specify the planned format). The proposer and chair(s) of the symposium can be also its speakers.
  • The time allocated to each symposium is 90 min. It is possible to submit more than one symposium for the same topic.


Click on the FINISH SUBMISSION & CLOSE button at the end of the process in order to submit the final version of your proposalOnce submitted, proposals cannot be modified or corrected. It is advised to leave your proposal in draft format until you are completely satisfied with your proposal.

Any congress participant can propose symposia for the ICOPA 2022 congress, but the number of symposia that can be accommodated is limited. The Scientific Committee will select symposia to be included, based on their scientific excellence, timeliness, and diversity of the speakers (wide representation of geographical areas, gender balance, etc.) as well their relevance for the congress participants. Thus, submission is not guarantee of acceptance.

The selected symposia will be part of the scientific program of ICOPA 2022. The Congress Organizers offer rooms for the symposia, with technical setup. The Congress Organizers do not cover any costs of registration or travel  or accommodation for symposium Chairs or speakers. All Chairs and speakers in a symposium must be registered participants in the congress.